Creating an Immunotherapy Treatment Paradigm

We are a clinical stage private company focused on developing therapies for infectious, inflammatory and degenerative diseases.  Our programs capitalize on Evolutionary Wisdom with a natural protein, plasma gelsolin, which has fulfilled this role for vertebrates for millennia.  Plasma Gelsolin (“pGSN”) is a master regulator of the immune system. It is a unique anti-inflammatory without immunosuppressive properties.  In a wide range of diseases, it balances the inflammatory process to prevent the spread of excess inflammation while simultaneously enhancing antimicrobial defense; thus preventing severe consequences, and greatly improving survival.

Building upon IP and know-how licensed from Harvard Medical School, we are developing a portfolio of products based on repletion of the highly conserved, abundant human protein plasma gelsolin.  The first product is in Phase 2 and follow on products are in development.

Meet Our Executive Board and Leadership Team

We are led by a team of seasoned pharmaceutical executives with extensive operational, scientific and financial experience in life sciences.

Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board

Thomas P. Stossel, MD (In Memoriam)

Board Member, Gelsolin Discoverer, Chair - Scientific Advisory Board

Thomas Stossel was the discoverer of gelsolin, inventor of BioAegis’ technology estate, and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor and Senior Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He was the holder of over 40 patents and author of more than 300 papers, studies and reviews. He was also a member of The National Academy of Sciences, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Academy of Medicine, the Editor-in-Chief of Current Opinion in Hematology and Past Editor of Journal of Clinical Investigation, Past President of the American Society of Hematology and the American Society of Clinical Investigation.

Dr. Stossel was educated at Princeton University and Harvard Medical School, trained in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and in hematology at Boston Children’s and Peter Bent Brigham Hospitals.

“Today my goal and my passion is to translate the exciting scientific discoveries into products that will save lives and extend quality of life for patients. Treatment of patients suffering from infectious, injurious and degenerative disease with plasma gelsolin treatment promises to deliver the meaningful result of my life’s work.”

Thomas P. Stossel – August 2019