October 2021: BioAegis Therapeutics to Present “Conquering Pneumonia and Systemic Inflammation with a Human Protein,” at the MACRO Trends Investor Conference in Belgium

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., October 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BioAegis Therapeutics Inc., a clinical stage, private company developing therapies for infectious, inflammatory, and degenerative diseases based on a portfolio built around gelsolin technology, announces that it was selected to present at the MACRO Trends Investor Conference on November 12, 2021. Co-founders Valerie Ceva, COO, and Steven Cordovano, Vice President of Investor Relations, will present “Conquering Pneumonia and Systemic Inflammation with a Human Protein,” and highlight gelsolin, BioAegis’ novel host-directed treatment.

Conquering Pneumonia and Systemic Inflammation with a Human Protein
Supplementing human gelsolin with a recombinant form is a host-directed approach to treating  inflammatory and infectious diseases. Gelsolin, a naturally occurring human protein that is abundant in healthy individuals, is a key component of the body’s innate immune system. It is a ‘master regulator of inflammation’. In the case of severe injury or infection, the body’s supply of gelsolin becomes depleted, which can lead to an overexuberant inflammatory response, organ damage, and death, as seen in COVID-19 and other conditions. Supplementing depleted systemic levels of gelsolin has enormous potential to prevent debilitating and potentially lethal ravages of inflammation, without suppressing the immune response to infection or the body’s ability to repair. Most current anti-inflammatory products, like steroids, work by suppressing immune function, putting patients at risk for subsequent infections and adverse events.

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death in the US and around the world. The adverse outcomes, including organ failure and mortality, generate an enormous financial burden on the health care system. As a result of organ damage, survivors often require ongoing care after being discharged from the ICU due to lingering neurocognitive and functional disabilities. Plasma gelsolin repletion therapy is expected to reduce these adverse outcomes as well as the costs associated with severe disease.

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About BioAegis

BioAegis Is Developing Gelsolin to Disrupt the Course of Inflammatory Diseases
BioAegis Therapeutics Inc. is a NJ-based clinical stage, private company whose mission is to capitalize on a key component of the body’s innate immune system, gelsolin, to prevent adverse outcomes in diseases driven by inflammation and infection. With the ability to replete gelsolin depleted by disease, BioAegis is in a unique position to deliver therapeutics that have the potential to disrupt the way many diseases are treated today. 

BioAegis has the exclusive license to broad, worldwide intellectual property through Harvard-Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It holds over 40 patents issued for coverage of infection, inflammatory disease, renal failure, multiple sclerosis, and other neurologic diseases. BioAegis will also have US biologics exclusivity and has recently filed new IP in areas of unmet need.

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