March 2020: Chief Medical Officer Discusses COVID-19 in KYW InDepth Podcast

Our Chief Medical Officer and infectious disease expert, Dr. Mark DiNubile, was recently interviewed for a KYW InDepth podcast. Highlights of the podcast include: 

  • What happens to our lungs when COVID-19 attacks our bodies and why some people end up in the ICU on ventilators.
  • How the naturally-occurring human protein, plasma gelsolin, works in our bodies to fight infection and regulate inflammation.
  • What other treatments, like hydroxychloroquine, are being considered for the pandemic.
  • Why recombinant human plasma gelsolin should be considered as a treatment for COVID19.

Plasma gelsolin therapy offers promise to abort lung injury, and should be treated as a possible novel therapeutic agent in this time of crisis.  We are working diligently to fast track our product and save lives.

Click on image to listen to podcast